We are your strategic and trusted cybersecurity partner.

Uptime Security transforms cybersecurity concerns about attacks, penalties, and other issues into something of the past, assuring you that with our services, worry-free protection is the new standard.

Strategic advisory

Our strategic advisory services focus on understanding your unique challenges to offer customized, actionable advice. We don't just assess your cybersecurity posture; we partner with you to develop and implement a strategic roadmap that guides your path to enhanced security resilience.

End-to-end security services

On top of our strategic advice we provide a comprehensive suite of services that cover all aspects of cybersecurity, from initial assessments to the implementation of robust security measures. We offer technology-agnostic solutions ensuring the best fit for your specific needs, enabling faster compliance and a secure operational environment.

Technology agnostic

We embrace a technology-agnostic approach, ensuring the cybersecurity solutions we offer are precisely aligned with your unique needs, without being tied to any specific technology or vendor. This flexibility allows us to select the most effective strategies and tools to fortify your cyber defenses, tailor-made for your business landscape.
Who we are

Personalized cybersecurity guidance​

Uptime Security provides personalized cybersecurity guidance and strategies, offering peace of mind through every step of your journey to safeguard against digital threats.

Uptime Security provides strategic cybersecurity advisory services and specialized SECaaS solutions, including Managed MDR/SOC and VMaaS. Emphasizing a customer-first approach, we collaborate with partners to offer comprehensive assessments and help clients develop personalized cybersecurity roadmaps. Beyond our partnerships, we also support immediate customer protection through MDR and VM services and maintain flexibility by integrating solutions from the Cronos Group’s portfolio and beyond, ensuring effective implementation of cybersecurity strategies.

Customized cybersecurity roadmaps

Technology agnostic approach

Focus on non-technical aspects

Your strategic partner

Our approach

We offer more than just cybersecurity solutions.

We guarantee your digital security with a holistic approach, ensuring that you are fully supported at every step of our ‘assess, plan, build’ process. This comprehensive care ensures that you are entirely unburdened and leaves no gaps in their defenses, which is crucial in a world where cybercriminals are relentless and quick to exploit any vulnerability.




How can we help your organization?

Feeling overwhelmed by cybersecurity threats and unsure how to protect your organization? Wondering what comes next after achieving compliance, or how to respond to a cyber attack?

You’re not alone. Many businesses find themselves navigating these challenges without a clear protocol in place. Uptime Security is here to guide you through these uncertainties, offering expert advice and tailored solutions that fit your specific situation. Let us help you secure your digital environment and bring clarity to your cybersecurity strategy.

Uptime Security utilizes the CCB Cyber Fundamental Framework, a practical, Belgian solution designed to swiftly provide clarity on your cybersecurity status. This framework allows us to work effectively with our clients, offering immediate insights into the areas of strength and vulnerability within their cyber environment. Our approach is to pragmatically assess and address cybersecurity concerns, enabling businesses to focus on their growth with confidence in their digital security.

Our insights

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