Our Services

Strategic advisory

Uptime Security assists its customers with strategic cybersecurity advice to help customers with:

  • Creating a strategic cybersecurity roadmap.
  • Assistance in every step of the roadmap by providing guidance on best-practices and fit-for-purpose solutions.
  • Being an extension of the customers’ IT and/or cybersecurity team as resources are scarce and time is short.

End-to-end security services

Uptime Security will offer a complete set of solutions and services to its customers whenever they need a fit-for-purpose solution to help them in their cybersecurity journey.

Uptime Security will draw on the Cronos Group and all of its Competence Centers to provide these services to the customers and will follow up on the correct implementation to be able to continue the further execution of the customers’ roadmap

Technology agnostic

As we are strategic advisors at Uptime Security, we will always approach a challenge from the customers’ perspective to make sure that the customer gets the right solution, independent from the technology or vendor. The solution or service needs to be fit for purpose and will need to fit in their budget.

This will re-enforce our trusted advisory status at the customer and make sure that we create customer-stickiness.

Our approach

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