Technology Agnostic

Prioritizing customer needs over technology, ensuring the right solution within budget.

Strategically agnostic

As we are strategic advisors at Uptime Security, we will always approach a challenge from the customers’ perspective to make sure that the customer gets the right solution, independent from the technology or vendor. The solution or service needs to be fit for purpose and will need to fit in their budget.

This will re-enforce our trusted advisory status at the customer and make sure that we create customer-stickiness.

Vulnerability Management

We will scan your network for vulnerabilities so you can get ahead of the curve and benefit from the Peace of Mind that an up-to-date environment offers in your core business.

Uptime Security sells security services and added value, not just products and licenses.

The core of our services is adding value for the customer. This is done by guiding them to the complex security journey, by being their trusted advisor. But also unburdening them by offering high quality services, executed by cybersecurity experts, against a competitive price.