Arctic Wolf

Uptime Security & Arctic Wolf collaboration and added value

As Arctic Wolf’s local partner, Uptime Security will assist you throughout your journey with the Arctic Wolf services. As part of your cybersecurity roadmap we will embed all results and suggestions from Arctic Wolf’s MDR or other services into your cybersecurity roadmap to make sure that potential caveats in your environment are covered adequately to ensure the increase of your company’s cyber resilience.

Tasks that we fulfill in combination with the Arctic Wolf services are listed below, please note that the list of tasks that we cover are non-exhaustive and just serve as a list of main tasks that we cover:

  • Support during your onboarding to the Arctic Wolf’s MDR service
  • We follow up on Arctic Wolf generated tickets together with you to ensure the desired improvements.
  • We participate in the Arctic Wolf Security Touch Point meetings to. Make sure that your cybersecurity roadmap stays up to date with the latest findings and results.
  • Periodically we setup risk assessment meetings together with you based on Arctic Wolf’s findings and suggestions.
  • We support you while setting up and maintaining an Incident Response Plan (IRP) containing the necessary communication and escalation Paths.